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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are The Eyes Hungry?

So, when are you hungry? Is it satisfaction of a beautifully presented plate of food that brings you to eating? It should play a very large part in the nurturing process. There are different reasons we eat. There are actually 7 senses that come into play when hunger strikes. It is important to come to terms with these. Sometimes one sense is much stronger than the others. Here they are: Eye hunger, Nose hunger, Mouth hunger, Stomach hunger, Cellular hunger, Mind hunger. I know it seems too confusing but lets just take one at a time and try some exercises.
Shangri-La 1/2 salad with Fried Dulse added

First, just take a minute before eating whatever you are planning to eat at your next meal and do a baseline observation. How hungry are you really? 1-10. Where is the first place your mind goes? Did you really take time to plan this meal? if not what has driven you to eat right at that moment? Lets pretend you are an investigative reporter from another galaxy. You have never seen Earth food before. What would you report back about the food in front of you? As an earthling would this morsel of food be an embarrassment as an example of what earthlings live on or would it be alive and a source of pride to share with other beings? Just with the eyes notice the color, shape and texture of this morsel of food. How alive does it look? Practice this for a few meals and take note of what might change in how you pick your meals.

Photo sharing 
Natalie and Toni hanging at Native Foods Cafe
David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis and Toni

Toni and Jason Wrobel  and his Lovely lady
Toni and Kim Sol Yoga Instructor for the Longevity conference
Natalie and Alicia Hodge the most striking ladies at 118 Degrees
Natalie on the boardwalk at the beach
At the beginning of October actually for my Birthday my 2 daughters and I went to Costa Mesa, California for the Longevity Now conference. While we were there we payed a visit to 118 Degrees a raw food cafe, and Native Foods Cafe. What we discovered is that we at Shangri-La are right where we should be given the amount of time we have been in business and the awareness of our client base.We are excited to bring new thing to our home town. We had a great time and met some fun people. The super-food industry is really starting to break open and now all of the things I have been taking in my private health care are now becoming mainstream. Our Wild mushroom soup is loaded with the medicinal mushrooms that everybody is talking about and it really does heal the body: Reishi, Maitake, and Shittake, among others. It is a super food soup with the greatest immune system potency.

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