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Friday, October 28, 2011

OOPS! Wrong Button, I Guess.

        Well due to an unfortunate mishap, I have lost my past blogs. I am sorry for the inconvenience. I think I will try to just move on from here. I was working through some thoughts on Mindful eating. Nose Hunger is where I was when the program failed. I am sad but I will try to recap. This project is about establishing a healthier relationship with food. And perhaps discovering what mindfulness really means. Not as a concept, but a learned powerful tool to help us awaken to the full potential of our lives. What is Mindfulness? Simply put, it is deliberately paying attention and being fully aware of what is happening. This means inside your body, heart,and mind and outside yourself, in your environment. Mindfulness is awareness without judgment or criticism. My first thoughts are the joy that can be claimed if we can release ourselves from the bondage of eating disorders and create self-nurturing. The science of eating says that whether we know it or not, all parts of our body are engaged in the eating experience. When we get our eating into a mindful state great healing can take place.
The Joy of Mindful Eating

Mediterranean Platter with added raw crackers at Shangri-La Tearoom
Mindful eating involves all of the senses. We get immersed in colors and textures:eyes. Aromas and scents:nose.Tastes and mouth texture: mouth. Even the sounds surrounding eating and drinking, such as conversation, dishes clinking with silverware or glasses coming together. And the actual body sounds of chewing and and drinking that you can hear inside the head:Ears. All of these ideas allow us to be present and playful while we find the cues to what actually makes us hungry. No charts or graphs.No counting this or that. In my opinion, mindful eating is freedom, moment by moment experiences unique only to the practitioner. It is an opportunity to implement self-nurturing and self-respect through your own disciplines of inner knowing and wisdom. Eating is one of the most pleasurable and sensual experiences we have as a human being. Don't you think it is time we take this experience back? The simple act of eating mindfully can also help us uncover other wonderful activities happening right under our nose and inside our own bodies. The joy found from mindful eating has the added benefit of helping us tap into our heart's natural ability for gratitude and  openness.
Be curious: Questions for starters-Am I really hungry?
Where in my body do I feel hunger?
What do I crave? Is it food really?
What am I tasting?   Just think about these questions over the next day or so. It is helpful to journal about your thoughts.

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